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Moments from our office

Mecer Consulting limited in a strategic meeting A strategic business meeting is a business buzzword for decades. It actually answers the questions about a business. It allows businesses to examine how they are performing? What improvements are needed to keep them sustainable? What is the market? How does the business compete against similar businesses? If […]

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Training and Development of all cadres of management

Training and human capital development has become imperative for the achievement of high-level productivity in any sector or establishment. This is because training exposes Individuals and staffs to new knowledge, orientation, mentality, skills and provides motivation for high –level performance. In other situations, can be used to drive change and create opportunities. Without mixing words, […]

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What is FSMS (FSMS 22000 2018) and how does it affect our lives and businesses

What is FSMS (FSMS 22000 2018) and how does it affect our lives and businesses. According to the World Health organization, the key food safety issues in 2017 included: Hazardous food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, resulted in more than two hundred diseases (starting from diarrhoea to cancers). Around six hundred million […]